Welcome to Lex Translation Services!

Lex Translation Services specialises in translating legal and business documents from and to English, German and Hungarian.

We pride ourselves on providing you with high quality fully-serviced translations that can be published immediately, no matter what kind of legal or business document you send us.

What you can expect from Lex Translation Services:

  • Quality: The meaning of your document is conveyed accurately and the translation will read completely naturally in the target language. Lex Translation Services works only with highly experienced translators to ensure precise and idiomatic translations.
  • Reliability: Our services are prompt and efficient. Translations are completed as quickly as possible to ensure that you receive your translated documents on time.
  • Competitive rates: The professional nature of our operations allows us to focus on what counts: providing you with quality translations at highly competitive rates.
  • Customer service: At Lex Translation Services we place great importance on customer service. We listen to you. This way we can ensure that you receive an excellent translation, tailored precisely to your requirements.

Lex Translation Services is based in Vienna, Austria.

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